Raffia baskets

rb23blWith designs and styles to suit all tastes, from colourful patterns to elegant and chic simplicity, our range of raffia shoppers and baskets has something for everybody.  They are perfect for a variety of occasions from a day at the beach to a trip to the gym, a visit to the shops or even just for home storage.  Versatile, hard wearing and stylish, the range is sure to be popular with your customers and a valuable addition to your collection.

Below you will find a small selection of some of our designs but with over 70 to chose from be sure to browse our Spring/Summer 2017 brochure.

Or browse our NEW Autumn/Winter 17/18 brochure.

Inspired by the beautiful Norfolk countryside…

These stylish and eye-catching raffia shoppers have our new unique bold appliqué design on the front and reverse. Each basket has leather handles and protected corners, an inside pocket and coordinated drawstring privacy lining with a toggle clasp. They are available in two coordinated designs.



Inspired by beautiful English beaches…

Stunning beach hut next to the sea raffia baskets.  These chic baskets are finished with brown leather handles and protected corners, an inside pocket and coordinated drawstring privacy lining with a toggle clasp. They are available in two coordinated designs.rb4blmed


For our nation of cat lovers….

Madaraffy the cat raffia baskets. Each basket has black leather handles and a coordinated drawstring privacy lining with toggle and inside pocket. Sold as a set of two baskets each with a coordinated design. Two colour options available.


Our ever popular polka dot range

Add a touch of style with these stunning baskets with appliqué polka dots in contrasting colours. Each bag is finished with leather handles and base corners, an inside pocket and coordinated drawstring privacy lining with toggle. Available in a variety of colours.M23R.jpg

Browse our entire range in our Spring/Summer 2017 brochure.