MADARAFF’s journey

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MADARAFF is a family business founded by brothers Stuart and Alan along with their wives Aurelie and Emma in 2004. We supply retailers from small boutiques to department stores across the UK and beyond with on trend and beautiful handmade raffia summer hats, bags, baskets and much more. Most importantly, these items are produced ethically by our skilled artisans and friends in Madagascar.

But how did it all begin?
In 1992 Stuart first visited Madagascar as a tourist, his appetite wetted by TV documentaries on the breath-taking and diverse flora and fauna to be found there.


He was not to be disappointed, and an affinity with the ‘Red Island’ was born. Stuart’s ties with his second home have since grown stronger and stronger; through business and marriage to his Malagasy wife Aurelie.

Stuart had always admired the handicrafts that can be found in Madagascar. And so it was that in 2004 with his brother Alan and aided by his new family in Madagascar, that MADARAFF Ltd was founded.


Working passionately with Aurelie’s Malagasy family, MADARAFF takes great pride in bringing you innovative and beautiful products direct from our talented and skilled artisan partners, guaranteed to be a popular addition to your collection.

Our family business

We derive great satisfaction from, and are proud of the fact that; by bringing our beautiful and inspired handmade range to you, we are directly supporting and providing livelihoods for family and friends in this country so far away.

Our commitment to you
  • Our suppliers are either family run cooperatives working from home, or otherwise small artisan units.
  • Every supplier is regularly visited by us in person.
  • No young children are used in the manufacture of our products.
  • Our products are fairly traded, the price paid being decided in discussion between our company representatives from Aurelies family and the suppliers.
    The raffia used in the manufacture of our products is a renewable and sustainable raw material.
  • The Zebu (cow) hide and horn used to embellish our bags is a by–product of meat production.

View our stunning Spring/Summer 2020 brochure.

Misaotra betsaka. (Thank you!)